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Animated Book Cover


An Animated Book Cover of Highest Quality.

Delivery includes:

  • Seamless Looping Animation
  • Animation of elements
  • Text Animation
  • Character movements
  • Music and Sound Effects
  • Formats: Gif, Mp4, Mov
  • Unlimited revisions
  • All source files and copyrights
  • Delivery only 7 days!


Note: Source File of your Book Cover is Required


Don’t Just Tell It, Show It Move! Go beyond the static image and bring your book cover to life! Our animated book cover design service takes your existing cover and injects a touch of captivating movement, making it stand out even more in a crowded marketplace.

Imagine this:

A character winks or waves from the cover.

Sparks fly from a magical object.

Smoke billows from a dragon’s nostrils.

Leaves flutter in a gentle breeze.

The possibilities are endless!

Why choose animated book covers?

Eye-catching animation cuts through the noise and makes your book a showstopper on online platforms. A dynamic cover piques reader curiosity and compels them to learn more about your story. A subtle animation can hint at the genre, mood, or key elements of your book, further enticing readers. Animated covers are still a novelty, making your book instantly recognizable on marketplaces and social media.

We’ll work closely with you to create an animation that seamlessly complements your existing cover design, ensuring the final product is as captivating as your story itself.

Combine the strengths of our existing service with the power of animation:

High-Quality Animation: Our experienced animators will breathe life into your cover with professional-grade motion graphics.

Seamless Integration: The animation will perfectly match the existing style and colors of your cover design.

Unlimited Revisions: Just like our regular service, you have complete control over the final product.

Don’t just tell your story – show it coming to life!

Note : Source File of your Book Cover is required for the animation.