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* According to this source, 81.6% of readers gain interest in a book due to the cover, and 79.0% make a buying decision based solely on the visual appearance of the cover.

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Fantasy book covers

All covers below are designed for real fantasy books written by real fantasy authors by our human designers – 100% AI-free!

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Easy 5 step Process

See how we design the perfect cover for your book together – in 5 easy steps.

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You tell us about you, your book and your visions on a video call.


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Further Revisions

If needed, we repeat steps 2 and 3 until you’re 100% satisfied.


You receive the book cover of your dreams.

Free Consultation

You tell us about you, your book and your visions on a video call.


You receive the first version of your cover within 2 work days.


You point out any and all changes on a video call

Further Revisions

If needed, we repeat steps 2 and 3 until you’re 100% satisfied.


You receive the book cover of your dreams.

2 Affordable PACKAGES

Choose between full book cover design and e-book only.


Everything you need for a full book cover
$ 199 One time fee
  • Custom Design
  • Design of front cover, back cover and spine
  • Hardback, paperback, audio book cover and e-book versions
  • Unlimited revisions
  • All source files and copyrights
  • 14 days delivery


Everything you need for an e-book
$ 99 One time fee
  • Custom Design
  • Design of front cover only
  • E-book version only
  • Unlimited revisions
  • All source files and copyrights
  • 7 days delivery

frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a great fantasy book cover design?

The main purpose of a fantasy book cover is to give your readers a glimpse into the world they are going to immerse themselves in while reading your book. The most important elements for a great fantasy book cover are choosing the right imagery, art style and blending it with ornate typography that makes them instantly recognize the fantasy genre. The second most important thing is choosing the right color pallet. You have to make sure your title stands out from the photo composition and for that purpose you can use text effects and shadows to compliment the image.

Which art style is best for a fantasy book cover ?

Photo manipulation and Detailed Illustrations work best for a fantasy book cover. When you combine different elements e.g, environment, an image for your main character, side characters e.t.c. in Photoshop it’s called photo manipulation. If you have a specific concept in your mind and you want it exactly you can choose to go with a detailed illustration for a fantasy book cover.

What factors can change the price for my fantasy book cover design?

If you choose to get a custom made detailed illustration for your book cover it can affect the price of your book cover. Custom made illustrations are billed according to their complexity and time it takes to complete the illustration. If you are working with a tight budget you can choose to go with stock illustrations or photo manipulation which are both excellent options. You can always book a free, non-committing video consultation to help you make the right decisions for your book cover.


Where can I find cover artists for fantasy books?

Finding the perfect artist for your fantasy book cover is an important decision. Here are a few options to consider:


  • Online artist portfolios: Search online for freelance fantasy book cover artists. Look at their portfolios to see if their style aligns with your vision for your book's cover.
  • Fantasy Book Cover Makers: There are online tools that allow you to create fantasy book covers yourself, but these may offer limited customization options and may not achieve the professional look you desire.
  • Book Cover Hub: We have a network of skilled fantasy book cover artists who can create stunning visuals to bring your story to life.


Schedule a free consultation with a designer today to discuss your vision and see if Book Cover Hub is the right fit for your project!

Free Video Consultation

Schedule a FREE 30 minute consultation to ask any questions you might have, and tell us about your visions for your book cover.

Founder and Lead designer of Book Cover Hub. Syed Abdullah Bukhari

Abdullah Bukhari

Founder and lead designer

With more than 6,000 book covers designed over the past 6 years, I have extensive experience working with authors to craft their perfect cover design.

Maybe you know exactly what you want on your cover. Maybe you only have a few vague ideas. In either case, we work together in order to create a visual concept that makes your book stand out from other titles.

Schedule your free consultation now - I'm looking forward to hearing about your book!

What is a Fantasy Book Cover Design

A fantasy book cover design is a portal offering readers a glimpse inside the fantasy world they are about to immerse in.

Fantasy books are a fascinating and diverse genre, offering a range of worlds, characters, and stories for readers. Whether you write about dragons, wizards, elves, or vampires, you have the opportunity to transport your readers to a realm of wonder and adventure, and to share your imagination and creativity with them.

But how do you attract and enchant these readers with your fantasy book? How do you make them curious and excited about your world and your story? How do you stand out from the thousands of other fantasy books in the market?

The answer is simple: you need a great cover. A cover is the first thing that potential readers see, and it can make a huge difference in their decision to buy or not buy your book. A good book cover should not only be beautiful and captivating, but also relevant and informative to your book’s content, genre, and tone.

Fantasy book cover design

Evolution of fantasy book covers

As long as humans have lived, we have told each other stories to entertain and share our experiences.

Fantasy has always been a big part of our stories, appealing to the creative side of our consciousness. Fantasy novels are increasingly becoming layered and complex. The characters are becoming deeper along with complex storyline.

It has been interesting to observe how Fantasy book cover design has evolved to match the evolving fantasy books.

Designing a book cover for a fantasy book requires understanding the genre’s conventions.

Fantasy book covers can be easily identified by their specific art style. Generally, they have detailed illustrations, strong representation of characters, and distinct ornate titles.

The goal is to prepare readers for a new world and entice them into it.

Book cover designers have worked hard to test different fantasy elements. They are always looking for unique ways to present them on book covers.

It’s important to adhere to genre conventions to design a great fantasy book cover.

Let’s understand the genre practices of fantasy book covers by analyzing each part.

Common design elements of a Fantasy book cover

Fantasy book covers are characterized by their detailed illustration style and incorporation of fantasy elements. We often see elements that help create a magical atmosphere.

They contain mythical creatures, mystical lands, epic landscapes, and costumed characters. Shadowy figures also play an essential role in creating a sense of mystery and capturing readers’ attention.

Another common sight in fantasy cover design is mysterious objects. You can use different objects from your story to give added meaning to your cover.

The play between shadow and light is often featured and, if done correctly, this can certainly make a fantasy book cover go from good to great!

Capturing a scene of motion is somewhat expected in fantasy book cover design. You can achieve that by making a dynamic illustration, e.g., a warrior swinging a sword, or a dragon in flight. A motion-based book cover always creates a sense of excitement in readers.

Here is what we will discuss:

  1. Typography
  2. Colors
  3. Illustrations
  • Typography

We have a lot of creative freedom when it comes to the typography for a fantasy book cover.
We can opt for detailed textures for fonts inspired by elements of the story. E.g., a stone effect for text for a fantasy novel about castles, or a fire effect for a story about dragons.
Conventionally, the titles of fantasy book covers are ornate and bright. Script and serif fonts are almost always preferred over other font types.
The tricky part is choosing a font that matches the story’s personality.
For instance, if you are designing the cover of a story about a fairyland, and you use a modern font like Poppins or Gotham, it simply won’t match the book’s personality.
If you are confused about what works best, a good thing to try is to find books in similar sub-genres of fantasy and use a font that matches that design style.
No matter the font chosen, your title should clearly stand out from the rest of the design.
In order to make the title stand out, you can use contrasting colors, bevel, and/or emboss. A light shadow behind the title can enhance its effect on the overall design.
The primary purpose of the subtitle is to give you an idea about the story. By choosing a simpler font, you can increase its legibility. For the author’s name, best practice is using the same font as the title or the subtitle: Choosing a third font is usually not a good idea.
You can add a light shadow behind your subtitle to improve readability. You typically want to choose a smaller size and a simpler font for the subtitle, while making sure it’s easy to read.

  • Colors

Choosing colors for your fantasy book cover design will always come down to your art style and imagery.
Consider the genre as a whole, your book specifically, your target audience, and overall story tone before deciding your color palette.
If the fantasy novel is about a magical land with cute little fairies, you should opt for a bright color palette. However, if the story is about a dark monster about to destroy humanity, dark colors are the way to go – you get the idea.
The trick is not as much choosing the right color, but rather the right color palette.
A single color on its own doesn’t have considerable significance. However, when colors are combined, they have a huge impact:
Vibrant and mystic colors like deep purples, rich blues, and fiery oranges are suitable to represent a magical atmosphere.
Cool tones, like icy blues and frosty whites, help to convey mystery and suspense.
When designing a fantasy book cover, it is essential to balance two things: engaging the target audience and conveying the story’s atmosphere.
Tranquil greens and serene blues can add a sense of enchantment and mystery, while warm tones like golden yellows and blush pinks often add a touch of whimsiness and fantasy to the design.

  • Images

Understanding how to use the correct art style is the most crucial part of any fantasy book cover design.
If your book primarily targets children, choose illustrations with bright colors and fewer details; for a more mature audience, look more towards realistic photo images.
Your story also plays a crucial part in selecting the right art style: Almost make sure your chosen art/imagery is relevant, engaging, and meaningful.
Fantasy book covers have various design styles, but the most common feature is their vibrant and detailed appearance compared to non-fiction and other genres. A good fantasy book cover should mix the characters and elements to portray a complete world – while also having references to the story itself.
When selecting images, take your target audience into consideration. For instance, the US market for fantasy book covers conventionally rewards having a solid main character on the front of the book, while readers in the UK tend to prefer abstract or landscape images on their book covers in the fantasy genre.

What do you get in an Fantasy book cover design package?

Fantasy Book Cover

Fantasy book covers can never be designed by a one-size-fits-all approach as every fantasy book is unique and has many variables.

You should always try to bring your fresh perspective and ideas to your design to make your book stand out – while adhering to conventions set by the fantasy genre, since following those will make fantasy book lovers instantly recognize your book as relevant to them.

By combining the right fonts, correct colors, art style, and the feedback from your readers, you can have a timeless fantasy book cover design ready to be adored by future generations!
Here at book cover hub we start from initial ideas (concept development) to a final product that perfectly captures your book’s essence. Through exploration of color, form, and typography, the fantasy book cover designer will craft a cover that evokes the mood and emotion of your story. With unlimited free revisions and 100% Money-Back guarantee all files are delivered in high-quality ready for printing. Checkout our packages section for more details.

Why Choose Book Cover Hub?

You should work with BCH simply because it’s a smart choice! With our vast experience of over 6,000 book covers, skills, solid team, and stellar portfolio, you get to enjoy quick delivery, unlimited free revisions and a solid customer support.