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You receive the book cover of your dreams.

Free Consultation

You tell us about you, your book and your visions on a video call.


You receive the first version of your cover within 2 work days.


You point out any and all changes on a video call

Further Revisions

If needed, we repeat steps 2 and 3 until you’re 100% satisfied.


You receive the book cover of your dreams.

2 Affordable PACKAGES

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Everything you need for a full book cover
$ 199 One time fee
  • Custom Design
  • Design of front cover, back cover and spine
  • Hardback, paperback, audio book cover and e-book versions
  • Unlimited revisions
  • All source files and copyrights
  • 14 days delivery


Everything you need for an e-book
$ 99 One time fee
  • Custom Design
  • Design of front cover only
  • E-book version only
  • Unlimited revisions
  • All source files and copyrights
  • 7 days delivery

frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes a good Cookbook cover design?

A good cookbook cover should have some of the dishes from the recipes inside the book. The images must be very high quality and appetizing. The typography should stand out and you can get creative with title design using some cooking utensils.

Can I put a recipe on the front of my cookbook cover?

It’s better to focus on images for the front cover. Your images should be sharp, visually enticing and related to your recipes. 

Can I use illustrations instead of photographs for my cookbook cover?

Yes! You can use illustrations that match the overall theme of design but it's better to use high quality images of dishes which can evoke a sense of hunger in the readers.

How much does it cost to design a cookbook cover?

The cost of a cookbook cover can vary depending on the complexity of your design and the experience level of the designer. Here at Book Cover Hub, we offer a range of cookbook cover design packages to fit your budget.


For a professional look that reflects your culinary creation, consider Book Cover Hub's design services! We can create a unique and mouth-watering cover that will make your cookbook stand out on the shelf. Contact us today for a free quote!

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Founder and Lead designer of Book Cover Hub. Syed Abdullah Bukhari

Abdullah Bukhari

Founder and lead designer

With more than 6,000 book covers designed over the past 6 years, I have extensive experience working with authors to craft their perfect cover design.

Maybe you know exactly what you want on your cover. Maybe you only have a few vague ideas. In either case, we work together in order to create a visual concept that makes your book stand out from other titles.

Schedule your free consultation now - I'm looking forward to hearing about your book!

What is a CookBook Cover Design

A cook book cover design is a visual representation of recipes inside the book. It serves as an introduction to what recipes a reader can expect to find within the book.

Cookbooks are more than just collections of recipes. They are expressions of culinary passion, your personal style, and your cultural heritage. They are also valuable sources of information, inspiration, and entertainment for your readers.

But before your readers can enjoy the delicious dishes that you have prepared for them, they need to be enticed by your cookbook cover. The cover is the first thing that potential readers see, and it can make a huge difference in their decision to buy or not buy your cookbook. A good cover should not only be appetizing and appealing, but also relevant and informative to your cookbook’s content, genre, and tone.

Your cookbook cover has a very short window of opportunity to grab the attention of potential readers and convince them to give your cookbook a chance. A poorly designed cover can deter readers from even looking at your cookbook, while a well-designed cover can increase your sales and fan base.

Cookbook covers can be easily identified by their specific elements. Generally, they have high-quality photos, appetizing colors, and clear titles.

The goal is to showcase the food and the personality of the author or the cuisine.

Common design elements of a Cook book cover

Let’s understand the genre practices of Cook book covers by analyzing each part.

Cookbook covers are characterized by their high-quality photography style and incorporation of food elements. We often see elements that help create a delicious atmosphere.

They contain dishes, ingredients, utensils, and tableware. Textured backgrounds also play an essential role in creating a sense of depth and realism.

Another common sight in cookbook cover design is decorative objects. You can use different objects from your cuisine or your theme to give added interest to your cover.

Here is what we will discuss:

  1. Typography
  2. Colors
  3. Graphics
  • Typography

We can opt for fonts that reflect the theme or the mood of the cookbook. E.g., a handwritten font for a personal or family cookbook, or a bold font for a professional or celebrity cookbook.
Conventionally, the titles of cookbook covers are simple and catchy. Sans serif and slab serif fonts are often preferred over other font types.
The tricky part is choosing a font that matches the food and the audience.
For instance, if you are designing the cover of a cookbook about vegan desserts, and you use a Gothic font like Blackletter or Fraktur, it simply won’t match the food or the audience.
If you are confused about what works best, a good thing to try is to find books in similar sub-genres of cookbooks and use a font that matches that design style.
No matter the font chosen, your title should clearly stand out from the rest of the design. In order to make the title stand out, you can use contrasting colors, outlines, and/or drop shadows. A dark or light background behind the title can enhance its visibility.
The primary purpose of the subtitle is to give you more information about the cookbook. By choosing a simpler font, you can increase its legibility. For the author’s name, best practice is using the same font as the title or the subtitle: Choosing a third font is usually not a good idea.
You can add a dark or light background behind your subtitle to improve visibility. You typically want to choose a smaller size and a simpler font for the subtitle, while making sure it’s easy to read.

  • Colors

Choosing colors for your cookbook cover design will always depend on your food and your style.
Consider the cuisine, the recipes, the mood, and the audience before deciding your color palette.
If the cookbook is about fresh and healthy salads, you should opt for a bright color palette. However, if the cookbook is about rich and decadent desserts, dark colors are the way to go – you get the idea.
The trick is not as much choosing the right color, but rather the right color harmony.
A single color on its own doesn’t have much appeal. However, when colors are combined, they have a huge impact:
Warm and appetizing colors like red, orange, and yellow are suitable to represent spicy, savory, or sweet foods.
Cool and refreshing colors like green, blue, and purple help to convey freshness, lightness, or elegance.
When designing a cookbook cover, it is essential to balance two things: showcasing the food and attracting the audience.
Vibrant and contrasting colors can add a sense of energy and excitement, while muted and complementary colors often add a touch of sophistication and harmony to the design.

  • Images

Understanding how to use the correct photography style is the most crucial part of any cookbook cover design.
If your cookbook is about simple and easy recipes, choose photos with minimal props and backgrounds; for a more elaborate and artistic cookbook, look more towards styled photos with various elements.
Your food also plays a crucial part in selecting the right photography style: Always make sure your chosen photo is relevant, appealing, and mouth-watering.
Cookbook covers have various design styles, but the most common feature is their high-quality and realistic appearance compared to fiction and other genres. A good cookbook cover should highlight the food and the personality of the author or the cuisine.
When selecting images, take your audience into consideration. For instance, the US market for cookbook covers conventionally rewards having a close-up shot of the food on the front of the book, while readers in the UK tend to prefer wider shots with more context and props on their book covers in the cookbook genre.

What do you get in an Cookbook cover design package?

Cookbook covers can never be designed by a one-size-fits-all approach as every cookbook is unique and has many variables.

You should always try to bring your fresh perspective and ideas to your design to make your cookbook stand out – while following the conventions set by the cookbook genre, since following those will make cookbook lovers instantly recognize your book as relevant to them.

By combining the right fonts, correct colors, photography style, and the feedback from your readers, you can have a timeless cookbook cover design ready to be devoured by future generations!

Here at book cover hub we start from initial cookbook cover ideas (concept development) to a final product that perfectly captures your book’s essence. Through exploration of color, form, and typography, the designer will craft a cover that evokes the mood and emotion of your story. With unlimited free revisions and 100% Money-Back guarantee all files are delivered in high-quality ready for printing. Checkout our packages section for more details.

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