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Jack E. Mohr

Book Cover Hub was excellent. Communication was practically instantaneous. I bugged them with numerous revisions and received no pushback. They were willing and pleasant to work with. Amazing experience. They brought "Journey To The Abyss" to life.

United States

book cover design

Jeffrey Harris

I have to say I enjoyed this experience. This was my first-time using Book Cover Hub and I was nervous at first, but great work was delivered in a timely fashion. I will definitely be using Book Cover Hub again in the future.

United States

book cover design

Yazmin Maxwell

It was great working with Book Cover Hub. Excellent customer service. I have my vision and a reality was created. I look forward to working again on future projects

United States

book cover design

Master Robin

Amazing work as always! This is why I keep coming back to Book Cover Hub! Thank you again!

United States

book cover design

R R Banks

This graphic art is absolutely amazing! This is my second time using Book Cover Hub and it amazes me Every time. very prompt, courteous, kind and extremely talented!

United States

book cover design

Levi Sweeney

It was excellent working with Book Cover Hub. Their friendly attitude and excellent workmanship resulted in a book cover which is exactly what I was looking for. I'd happily employ them again.

United States

book cover design


It was a great job. We had stumbling blocks and delays, but through it all communication was good and we wound up with a product that was great. I couldn't be happier.

United States

book cover design

Brian Harrington

What I liked was the professionalism, the quality, and the communication level. These are fundamental qualities that speak in the work received. Thank you and can't wait for the next project

United States

book cover design

Becky Greenhagen

I had so many changes and revisions during this process because I just couldn’t quite decide what I wanted but designers from Book Cover Hub came through and were so patient with me!! I am very happy with what I got and appreciate their guidance and communication through all of it!! Awesome job!!!


book cover design

Henry Ball

Excellent communication, ability to adjust and work together to achieve the desired and excellent result. I will be using Book Cover Hub again!

United States

book cover design

Carol Copper

Book Cover Hub was unbelievably quick with my book cover. I really love it and they made the revisions in a timely fashion as well. I recommend it and would use the services again.

United States

book cover design

Joseph hall

Fantastic design! Much better than what we gave as an idea to start with! Got plenty of revisions and everything is pristine. Thank you!

United States

book cover design

Jacquelyn Hennagan & gadsden

Designers at Book Cover Hub were professional and friendly. They listened to what I needed and made my first experience in getting help with my books a pleasure and a service that I will need in the future.

United States

book cover design


At Book Cover Hub, the designers were absolutely excellent! I have two more books due to be released soon. I will certainly use them. Thank you!

United States

Imagine a salesman who works 24/7 and 365 days. If he is any good at what he does, he will bring in tons of sales for you. A well-designed book cover is a salesman who never gets tired and is always full of passion.

Getting your book cover from a professional book design service is an investment that speaks volumes about your commitment to captivating readers. Crafting a stellar book cover is not about balancing the aesthetics; it’s about strategic design that resonates with your target audience. 

That’s where Book Cover Hub comes in. We don’t just design beautiful covers. We turn them into impactful visual narratives that resonate with your target audience . As a result, your book covers turns into a salesman who works 24/7 and 365 days for your book.

Why you should invest in a professional Book Cover?

A professional book cover‘s first and foremost purpose is to attract readers. Self-publishing has made it easy for everyone to publish their own book, resulting in thousands of books published daily. As a result, readers are becoming choosy about the books they invest their time and money in.

An amateur book cover often makes a wrong first impression. As a result, any visibility you get translates into no sales or, even worse, 0 sales. On the other hand, if your book cover is eye-catching and intrigues the readers, they will take a look and read your blurb. You get a head start if they like what they see and read!

Our professional book cover design services offers many benefits:

  1. Increased Sales: Eye-catching covers grab attention, leading to more clicks, downloads, and physical book purchases.
  2. Genre Authority: Experienced designers understand genre conventions, ensuring your cover meets reader expectations.
  3. Credibility & Trust: A polished, professional cover signals quality and increases reader confidence in your book.
  4. Marketing Advantage: A robust cover design stands out in crowded online marketplaces and physical shelves.
  5. Time & Expertise: It Saves you the time and frustration of DIY design and leverages the expertise of a professional.

How to hire a professional book cover design service?

Your book cover is an ambassador for your story. By hiring a professional book cover designer, you equip it with the power to capture hearts, ignite imaginations, and propel your book toward success. So, choosing the right designer is crucial. You should look for:

  1. Portfolio: Review their previous work to gauge their style and versatility.
  2. Communication: Check if they are willing to listen and communicate effectively.
  3. Pricing: Transparent pricing and a clear understanding of deliverables is a must.
  4. Genre Knowledge: It’s one of the necessary parts of getting the right book cover designer. Each book genre has its customs, and your designer should know them.
  5. Complete Road map: Check out their process and look for factors like whether they provide revisions, delivery timeline and if their contract is clear.

Tips for working with a professional book designer

To get the best art book cover for you, be clear with the designer! Tell them what kind of art styles you like, whether it’s realistic paintings, graphic designs, or something more abstract. The more information you give them, the better they can create cover art that perfectly reflects your book’s content and grabs readers’ attention.

You can mention your favourite book covers and your preference for typography and colours. Above all, don’t hesitate to ask questions, and make sure you communicate effectively. In other words, it saves both parties lots of time and ensures a frictionless experience.

  1. Provide Inspiration: Share reference images, mood boards, or colour palettes to guide the designer.
  2. Be Open to Suggestions: Experienced designers may suggest ideas you must consider.
  3. Trust the Process: Give constructive feedback and allow the designer their creative freedom.

How to choose the correct cover for your book?

Choosing the right book cover boils down to 3 major factors:

  1. It should hint at the story of your book without spoiling it too much.
  2. Your cover must set the correct expectations of readers by adhering to genre standards.
  3. It should be visually appealing and technically sound.

Your book cover should align with industry standards and expectations for your genre. Fantasy readers expect magic and mythical creatures. Similarly, romance readers likely prefer soft colours and embrace. Consider your ideal reader’s age, interests, and reading preferences and try to understand What would grab their attention.

You can also check out bestsellers in your genre to get a clearer picture of what your ideal readers expect from you. Once you have finalized your perfect book cover, ask your friends, family, fellow authors and beta readers for feedback.

Where can you find the best book cover designs?

You have a few options for finding great book cover designs:

  • Do it yourself (DIY): There are online tools and templates available, but creating a professional-looking cover can be challenging without design experience.
  • Freelance marketplaces: You can find freelance designers on platforms like Upwork or Fiverr. Rates can vary, and the quality can be inconsistent.
  • Book cover design services: Companies like Book Cover Hub specialize in creating custom book covers. We offer a range of design options.


Here at Book Cover Hub, we believe the best book cover designs are custom-made to fit your unique story. We offer a variety of services, from book jacket design to custom book covers, to help you create a cover that will make your book stand out.

Customization Options for your book cover

No two books are alike, and neither should their covers be. That’s why Book Cover Hub offers a range of customization options within our book cover designing services to perfectly match your needs and budget. Working with us means you get everything in one place, from custom illustrations to professional book cover design expertise for any book genre.

Getting a stellar book cover involves many factors. You have to choose between art styles, choose the right colours, right fonts, and right images and especially get the genre expectations right. We recommend you start with a discovery meeting to guide you correctly about the right package and art style. You can contact us through the Contact Us page if you prefer email.

Our process for your book cover design

At Book Cover Hub, we believe in simplifying everything and delivering excellent results every time! In addition to that, the whole process is designed to ensure your success. First, you schedule a discovery meeting with our founder and lead designer. Once we get the requirements, we start working and develop a concept.

If you love it, the design is finalized; otherwise, we collaborate on revisions to ensure it perfectly embodies your book’s soul. Our designers work closely with you throughout the process.