Animated Book Cover Design Service

Imagine your book cover bursting with life – captivating readers in an instant

With attention spans shrinking to mere seconds an animated book cover can prove to be your best friend!

Let’s capture the attention of readers with a high quality Animated Book Cover!

An animated cover grabs attention on crowded online marketplaces and social media feeds. It allows a glimpse into your story world, piquing reader interest and leaving a lasting impression

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Animated Book Cover

Don’t let your book cover blend into the background. Let it stand out with the power of animation!

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Adventure Book Covers

What is an Animated Book Cover?

An animated book cover is a digital file that uses subtle motion graphics to breathe life into your existing cover art. Imagine a character winking, a spaceship soaring across the stars, or flames flickering realistically. These eye-catching animations are a powerful marketing tool to entice readers of modern era.

Animated book cover designs get readers interested about the story and encourage them to pick up your book. It involves taking your book cover and animating it’s elements to make it more exciting and eye- catching.

It is ideal to use motion graphics that suit the genre of your book and keep your target audience in mind.

Easy 5 step Process

See how we animate the perfect cover for your book together – in 5 easy steps.

Free Consultation

You tell us about you, your book and your visions on a video call.


We develop an animated concept that aligns with your story.


You point out any and all changes on a video call

Further Revisions

If needed, we repeat steps 2 and 3 until you’re 100% satisfied.


You receive the animated book cover of your dreams.

Free Consultation

You tell us about you, your book and your visions on a video call.


We develop an animated concept that aligns with your story.


You point out any and all changes on a video call

Further Revisions

If needed, we repeat steps 2 and 3 until you’re 100% satisfied.


You receive the animated book cover of your dreams.

Why you should get an animated book cover?

It’s a well known fact that attention spans of people on social media are shrinking and people tend to scroll through posts quickly. It’s the sole reason content creators use big subtitles and fast moving animations to capture and retain the attention of viewers.

Being an indie author it is difficult to promote your book and  capture the attention on social media platforms. It’s high time for you as an author to embrace the evolving digital landscape and use latest techniques to promote your book.

Book Cover design

Premium Book Cover Animation

Bring your cover art to life with engaging character & object animation

Animated Book Cover

High Resolution, Custom Made Animation of yor Book Cover
$ 250 One time fee
  • 100% human - 0% AI
  • Seamless Looping Animation
  • Animation of elements
  • Text Animation
  • Character movements
  • Music and Sound Effects
  • Formats: Gif, Mp4, Mov
  • Unlimited revisions
  • All source files and copyrights
  • 7 days delivery
frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Your Animated Book Cover Questions Answered

What are the benefits of using an animated book cover?

Animated book covers are extremely effective at getting your book attention on social media platforms.


They are a novelty and give readers something to love about your book instantly!

Do I need to have existing cover art to get an animated cover?

Yes, the source file of your cover is necessary for us to animate your cover. Your book cover is animated by using layers of the design.


The source files typically come in .PSD & .AI file format


We maintain a backup of all the source files of book covers we make. If you have ordered a cover from Book Cover Hub you don't need a source file.

What file formats do you provide the final animated cover in?

We  deliver common file formats like MP4, MOV & GIF to ensure compatibility with most social media platforms.


The final delivery is provided in high resolution with all the commercial copyrights.

Can I ask you to use my author logo and branding on the final animation?

Yes! The animation is custom created and is designed around your author brand.

We highly reccomend scheduling a free consultation to discuss project details before ordering an animated cover.

How to create an animated book cover?

Creating a professional animated book cover requires design skills and animation software. There are a few options to consider:


  • DIY Software: There are online animation tools and apps available, but they can be limited in features and might require some design experience.

  • Book Cover Hub Design Services: Here at Book Cover Hub, we offer animated book cover design as part of our professional services. Our designers can create eye-catching animations that will grab readers' attention on online marketplaces and social media.


Here are some things to keep in mind about animated book covers:


  • File size: Animated covers can be larger files than static images, so you'll need to consider how they will display on different platforms.
  • Technical specifications: Some platforms may have specific requirements for animated book covers.


Schedule a FREE 30 minute consultation to ask any questions you might have, and tell us about your visions for your animated book cover.

Founder and Lead designer of Book Cover Hub. Syed Abdullah Bukhari

Abdullah Bukhari

Founder and lead designer

With more than 6,000 book covers designed over the past 6 years, I have extensive experience working with authors to craft their perfect cover design.

Maybe you know exactly what you want on your cover. Maybe you only have a few vague ideas. In either case, we work together in order to create a visual concept that makes your book stand out from other titles.

Schedule your free consultation now - I'm looking forward to hearing about your book!

How animated book covers helps indie authors?

An animated book cover will help you build your author brand and get readers excited about your book on social media platforms.

  1. Stand Out from the Crowd: In a sea of static thumbnails, animation instantly grabs attention.
  2. Boost Engagement: A touch of movement sparks curiosity and encourages viewers to learn more about your book.
  3. Convey Genre and Mood: Animations can subtly hint at the tone and genre of your story, piquing the right reader’s interest.
  4. Perfect for Social Media: Animated covers are ideal for eye-catching posts on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Things to Consider for Animated Book Covers

Here is what we keep in before animating your book cover : 

  1. Animation Style: We keep it subtle and tasteful. Opt for gentle movements and aesthetic effects that enhance the cover, not overwhelm it.
  2. Target Audience: We tailor the animation style to your genre and ideal reader. Whimsical animations suit children’s books, while suspenseful flickers might be perfect for a thriller.
  3. File Size and Compatibility: We ensure your animated cover is optimized for web use and compatible with different social media platforms.

Why Choose Us?

You should work with BCH simply because it’s a smart choice! With our vast experience of over 6,000 book covers, skills, solid team, and stellar portfolio, you get to enjoy quick delivery, unlimited free revisions and a solid customer support.

We are a team of passionate animators with extensive experience in crafting stunning book covers. Our designers understand the unique needs of authors and are dedicated to creating covers that sell.

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