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We're here to help you conquer your indie publishing goals.

Abdullah Bukhari

Abdullah Bukhari

Founder - Lead Designer
As our founder and lead designer, Abdullah plays a crucial role in ensuring the quality of every book cover design we deliver.

He started designing covers as a freelancer in 2016 - netting a whopping $5 for his first book design!

He gives personal attention to every single project delivered by Book Cover Hub and loves to do design consultations for authors.
Martin Prosev

Martin Prosev

Co Founder
Martin Prosev is a seasoned professional with a remarkable 17 years of leadership experience in the financial, federal, and startup sectors.

His expertise spans a diverse range of areas, including fundraising, marketing, sales, implementation, outsourcing, P&L management,.

He is responsible for all the collaborations of Book Cover Hub and manages our official partnerships.

"At Book Cover Hub, collaboration is at the heart of our process. We don't just take orders – we get to know your story, your vision, and the emotions you want to evoke. Through video meetings, we build a personal connection, ensuring your cover reflects the soul of your book with utmost care. We work closely with authors to craft a masterpiece that captures readers' hearts."

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Bridge the gap between indie and traditionally published books, one stunning cover at a time. 


Building an indie author haven: Community & professional services.


Personalized Care & Dedication to every project we take on while having the best interest of authors at our heart.

Key team members

Working tirelessly to make your indie publishing dreams a reality

Jakob bank, marketing consultant for book cover hub

Jakob Bank

Marketing Consultant

Jakob is a marketing veteran with 15 years of experience under his belt.He loves sharing his insights and brings in a ton of value to the company.

Jakob is also responsible for partnerships, media and other commercial aspects at Book Cover Hub

Ikram, Book cover designer at Book Cover Hub


Senior cover designer

Ikram breathes life into book covers! His photo manipulation skills transform ideas into visuals that grab readers. From fantasy to realism, his creative vision stuns. He leads a team of 7 book cover designers at Book Cover Hub

He loves Biking and taking courses to enhance his skills.

web developer at book cover hub

Zahid Latif

Senior Web Developer

Zahid Latif is an experienced web manager and developer. He excels at overseeing online platforms with expertise in website development, design, and adding user-friendly functionality.

He loves spending time in nature and writing romantic poetry in his free time.

Design Analyst at Book Cover Hub. Mughees Gardezi Team Member

Mughees Gardezi

Design Analyst

Mughees analyzes market trends and helps us understand the emerging design trends in Book Cover Design. He uses his research skills to identify what sells, keeping Book Cover Hub ahead of the curve.

He loves playing competitive video games in his free time.

Lead video editor at book cover hub. Saad bin mustafa

Saad Bin Mustafa

Senior Video Editor

Saad Bin Mustafa is a senior video editor at Book Cover Hub, and leads a team of 3 video editors. He loves animating Book Covers and creating engaging video trailers for authors.

He enjoys listening to podcasts and capturing nature in his free time.

Book cover designer at book cover hub saqib

Saqib Mushtaq

Senior illustrator

Saqib Mushtaq is an experienced book illustrator, creates captivating illustrations for books across genres. He leads a team of 5 illustrators at Book Cover Hub. He has an experience of 9 years in the self publishing industry.

He loves playing cricket and volunteering in community in his free time.

Chief digital officer at book cover hub. Kamal


Chief Digital Officer

Kamaluddin has been deeply entrenched in the dynamic landscape of digital media, initially starting as a Freelancer specializing in Graphics Design, Branding, social media marketing, e-commerce, and graphical content creation for clients worldwide

In his current role as Chief Digital Officer at Book Cover Hub, Kamaluddin leads digital content and social marketing initiatives.

Syed Inam Ali Naqvi team memeber image. Ghostwriter at book cover hub

Syed Inam Ali


Inam crafts ebooks & books packed with practical advice to empower readers. His engaging writing helps people reach their full potential. He loves doing extensive research before taking on a writing project.

He loves reading books and exploring Geo-politics in his free time.

Document of incorporation of Book Cover Hub LLC

Your story deserves to be presented with the same level of quality as any bestseller!

Book Cover Hub, a Delaware-based company (File Number: 3301351), was founded with the belief that every  indie author, deserves a book cover that rivals those of traditionally published works.

We understand the power of a captivating cover. It’s a silent salesperson, drawing readers in and hinting at the world within your pages. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing exceptional book cover design services, crafted by passionate and skilled professionals.

We strive to provide a seamless and collaborative experience, ensuring your complete satisfaction throughout the design process.

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