Do you judge a book by its cover?

Your readers do.*

We have designed 6,000+ book covers for 4,000+ authors over the past 8 years –
so we know just how crucial the cover is for your book to succeed.

Let us help you turn your book into a bestseller with the perfect cover design!

* According to this source, 81.6% of readers gain interest in a book due to the cover, and 79.0% make a buying decision based solely on the visual appearance of the cover.

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Stellar Book Covers

Find inspiration in some of the 6,000+ book covers we have designed for other authors.

Other Authors Say

Meet Mariana who used Book Cover Hub to design her book cover.

Easy 5 step Process

See how we design the perfect cover for your book together – in 5 easy steps.

Free Consultation

You tell us about you, your book and your visions on a video call.


You receive the first version of your cover within 2 work days.


You point out any and all changes on a video call

Further Revisions

If needed, we repeat steps 2 and 3 until you’re 100% satisfied.


You receive the book cover of your dreams.

Free Consultation

You tell us about you, your book and your visions on a video call.


You receive the first version of your cover within 2 work days.


You point out any and all changes on a video call

Further Revisions

If needed, we repeat steps 2 and 3 until you’re 100% satisfied.


You receive the book cover of your dreams.

2 Affordable PACKAGES

Choose between full book cover design and e-book only.


Everything you need for a full book cover
$ 199 One time fee
  • 100% human - 0% AI
  • Design of front cover, back cover and spine
  • Hardback, paperback, audio book cover and e-book versions
  • Unlimited revisions
  • All source files and copyrights
  • 14 days delivery


Everything you need for an e-book
$ 99 One time fee
  • 100% human - 0% AI
  • Design of front cover only
  • E-book version only
  • Unlimited revisions
  • All source files and copyrights
  • 7 days delivery

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Frequently Asked Questions

Cover confusion? Our FAQs are here to hold your hand.

Who leads Book Cover Hub?

Book Cover Hub consists of founder Abdullah Bukhari, co-founder Martin Prosev, and a team of 10-12 designers, proofreaders, editors, formatters, and social media content creators.

Checkout our detailed introduction on about us page.

What does unlimited revisions mean?

We keep revising until you’re 100% happy. We're committed to your vision! Unlimited revisions ensure your book cover perfectly captures your story and resonates with readers.

Why are your prices so low?

We've honed our craft through countless projects, achieving both efficiency and effectiveness. Our collaborative team thrives on mutual support, ensuring fast delivery, reduced costs, and exceptional quality for your book cover.


Schedule a FREE 30 minute consultation to ask any questions you might have, and tell us about your visions for your book cover.

Founder and Lead designer of Book Cover Hub. Syed Abdullah Bukhari

Abdullah Bukhari

Founder and lead designer

With more than 6,000 book covers designed over the past 8 years, I have extensive experience working with authors to craft their perfect cover design.

Maybe you know exactly what you want on your cover. Maybe you only have a few vague ideas. In either case, we work together in order to create a visual concept that makes your book stand out from other titles.

Schedule your free consultation now - I'm looking forward to hearing about your book!

the Importance of Book Cover Design

How a Great Cover Can Make or Break Your Book’s Success : Design Your Way to More Readers and Sales

Your book cover isn’t just a visual, it’s the heartbeat of your story.

At BookCoverHub, we get it. A killer cover isn’t just about looking pretty; it’s the secret handshake that invites readers into your world.

When we chat in our free consultation, you spill the beans about your book, and we dive deep into the vibe you’re after.

It’s like setting the stage for a grand performance, and the cover is your spotlight.

Now, why is a good cover crucial?

It’s the first impression that lingers.

Picture this: your potential reader scrolling through a sea of books. Your cover is the one that stops them in their tracks. It speaks volumes about your narrative, your style, your essence.

A professionally designed book cover is the promise of an unforgettable journey. We offer amazing book cover design and professional services to captivate your readers.

As a reputable book cover design company and book cover maker, we go beyond simply crafting covers. We pride ourselves on being your trusted partner, co-piloting the visual adventure of your book.

We deliver the first version in just 2 days, and the feedback dance is our jam. Unlimited revisions mean your cover isn’t just good; it’s perfect, tailored to your vision.

Because in the end, when your book lands in a reader’s hands, your cover is the handshake that seals the deal. Let’s make your literary handshake unforgettable – together!

Ever wondered why using an agency like Book Cover Hub is the smart move for your book’s visual appeal?

Let’s break it down for you in straightforward terms!

First up, it’s all about you and your story.

Hop into a free consultation with us on a relaxed video call – chat about your book, your vibe, and the dream cover dancing in your imagination.

It’s personal, it’s real, and it kicks off the journey to visually elevate your masterpiece.

Now, onto the speedy design process.

Imagine snagging the first version of your cover within a mere 2 work days. Quick, right? But it’s not a one-way street.

The next stop is a laid-back feedback session on another video call, where you point out what rocks and what tweaks you’re itching for. Unlimited revisions are our groove, ensuring you’re grinning from ear to ear.

Feeling like tweaking a bit more? No sweat. We loop back to steps 2 and 3 until your cover is precisely what you envisioned. The grand finale? A smooth 14-day delivery, and there it is – the book cover of your dreams in your hands.

So, why roll with a design agency like Book Cover Hub? Because we’re not just crafting covers; we’re unleashing the visual vibe of your story. Let’s make your literary journey visually unforgettable – one laid-back consultation at a time!

Let’s dive into what’s make a great book cover design!

Crafting a cover that grabs attention and entices readers is a crucial component of any bestseller.

Here are some best practices to ensure your cover stands out on the shelves:

  • Know your genre:
    Understand the conventions and expectations of your genre. Whether it’s romance, mystery, or fantasy, a cover should give readers a taste of what’s inside.
  • Clarity is key:
    Keep your design clean and easily comprehensible. The title and author name should be legible, even in thumbnail size. Avoid clutter and confusion.
  • Visual hierarchy:
    Guide the reader’s eye through the cover. Make sure the most important elements, like the title, are prominent and catch the eye first.
  • Font choice matters:
    Select fonts that complement your book’s genre and theme. A horror novel might call for a different font than a lighthearted romance.
  • Color psychology:
    Colors evoke emotions. Choose a color palette that aligns with the mood and tone of your book. A vibrant palette might convey energy, while muted tones can suggest sophistication.
  • Professional imagery:
    Avoid clichés and generic stock photos. Customized and unique visuals grab attention.
  • Consistent branding:
    If you’re a series author, maintain consistency across covers. This builds brand recognition and helps readers identify your work instantly.
  • Test designs:
    Before finalizing, get feedback from a diverse group of potential readers. What works for you might not resonate with your target audience.
  • Research trends:
    Stay updated on current design trends within your genre. While timeless covers are essential, incorporating modern elements can keep your work feeling fresh.
  • Consider target audience:
    Understand who your ideal reader is. Your cover should appeal to them and convey the essence of your book’s content.
  • Embrace simplicity:
    Sometimes less is more. A simple, well-executed design can be more impactful than a cluttered one.
  • Cohesive design elements:
    Ensure that the front, back, and spine work together seamlessly. Consistent design elements create a polished and professional look.


Remember, your book cover is the first interaction readers have with your work.

It’s your chance to make a lasting impression, so invest time and effort into it and invites readers into your literary world

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